Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer,

To open a user account and enable your initial access to our service "e-flight planning" we need to get your unconditional acceptance and commitment according to the terms and conditions set out below. Please read these terms carefully and completely: use the scrollbar to read those parts of the terms off the screen at the moment. If you want to read a hardcopy off-line, please use the "Print" function.

The user acknowledges that the terms and conditions may change from time to time and without prior notification, to which it will remain bound.

1 Introduction

In addition to the current Briefing services offered by NAMA, the Pilot Self-Briefing portal has been established to assist aircraft operators and pilots ("the users") to file/submit flight plans, to obtain flight Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) and access associated aeronautical information.

The site is owned by Nigerian Airspace Management Agency("NAMA") of PMB 21084, Ikeja and the site is hosted in the United States of America and managed in Nigeria.

2 Ownership and Copyright

All content made available on this website and the manner in which it has been offered is protected by both national and international copyright laws and conventions, and all ownership, intellectual property rights and title vests with NAMA. The user may use the information retrieved from the website only for it's own personal use and is prohibited from altering, re-constructing, varying, reformatting, reproducing, modifying, translating, selling, retransmitting or otherwise making the information available in any manner to third parties and may not hold itself out as to be the owner of this information, unless it has obtained NAMA's prior written consent to do so.

The right to access information contained on the e-flight planning website does not in any way convey or transfer any rights to the user in or to any intellectual properties found on the website, any information contained or accessed from the website, or in any trade mark, domain name, knowhow, trade secret or other intellectual property right which may vest with NAMA.

3. Security and Privacy

The web site has a number of security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information which is provide to NAMA.

NAMA shall keep all information that is furnished to it strictly confidential and no such information will be made available to third parties, unless required by law to do so.

Basic information is collected through this website. Typically the information includes the personal details of the users, and the flight plan of the pilot. The primary reason for collecting this information is to provide a briefing service.

Personal information may be used to compile profiles for statistical purposes, and NAMA undertakes that use of the statistical data shall never show a link to a specific data subject.

4 Regulatory Environment

The user acknowledges that it is familiar with the NAMA Act no. 49 of 1999.

The user acknowledges that it will at all times during the use of the website accede to the terms and conditions thereof. The contents of the Act and any regulations made there under and the Act hereby incorporated herein by reference

5 Disclaimer

All the information appearing on the portal is provided without a representation or warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied and no liabilities pertaining thereto attached to NAMA.

All calculations or rates quoted are guidelines only and subject to final confirmation at the time of finalizing the transaction.

NAMA accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss whether direct, indirect or consequential arising from information provided on these portal pages or any action and / or transactions resulting therefrom.

NAMA has taken all commercial and reasonable measures to ensure the integrity of the website and no warranty is given that any material downloaded from the website is free of viruses, bugs, or the like that may have the ability to corrupt the operation of the user's computer system.

The use of the website is entirely at the risk of the user and the user accepts full responsibility for all risks that may result from the use thereof.

6 Abuse of Web site

The user undertakes not to abuse the Pilot Self-Briefing portal by filing bogus flight plans or by interfering with, changing of or deleting flight plans filed by other users, or by doing anything else which may be detrimental to NAMA or its website users.

NAMA may suspend or terminate the user's access to the Pilot Self-Briefing portal should it determine that the user is not using the site in compliance with this agreement.

7 Conditions of Use

The user undertakes to protect its username and password and will always keep it in a safe place.

NAMA shall at all times and for whatever reason, have the sole and exclusive right to suspend or terminate the service without any prior notification or giving any reason for such termination or suspension.

Errors with respect to the functionality of the web site are to be reported directly to the helpdesk via e-mail eflightplan@namahqtr.net and iogochukwu@namahqtr.net. The user undertakes to limit its potential losses by utilizing the phone or fax service provided.

8 The Law Governing The Relationship

The conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Nigeria.

9 Dispute Resolutions

All disputes arising as a result of the use of the site will, on the interpretation of these conditions or on any matter which in terms of the conditions requires agreement by the parties, be submitted to and decided by arbitration.

The place of arbitration shall be Lagos, Nigeria and to be held with only the parties and their representatives present at the offices of the Arbitration, Lagos, Nigeria.

Either party will be entitled to have the award made an order of Court of competent jurisdiction. The parties will keep the evidence in the arbitration proceedings and any order made by any arbitrator confidential unless otherwise contemplated.